Jack of all trades, master of some, stubbornly persisting with the rest. Born and raised in Utrecht, but don’t ask him to speak the dialect, because it ain’t pretty. Can recognize any national flag in seconds, but is utterly incapable of finishing his studies within the alloted time period. Does some cute stuff with photography, graphic design and fancy infographics and maps, which sometimes accidentally go viral. Loves to quiz you on politics, European history and football (the European type, not the hand-egg one), incredibly allergic to anything related to die-hard natural sciences. Speaks three languages, doesn’t have anything useful to say in any of them.


Don’t start a conversation on linguistics with this handsome devil from the North, because you’ll be sitting at the bar for at least another three days until he has finished his opening remarks. Originally from a town called Emmen, but don’t hold it against him. 100% the reason behind all those fucking questions about Wales in every quiz. Does some weird stuff with a guitar and some friends, and occasionally records some of that for posterity. The only thing he likes more than making music is talking about music. Or about morphophonology. Or Community. Or  Isaac Asimov. Or beer. Basically, he likes to hear himself talk.