Why should I join this quiz?

I mean, it’s a free country, you don’t have to. But if you were to play a quiz, we as unbiased and objective observers would definitely suggest our own. Why? Because we deliver an artisanal quiz week in week out, with freshly baked brand new questions. We don’t sound like we’re seeing the questions for the first time while presenting either: we write and factcheck our own questions, 100 %. Also, we’re two very handsome and good-looking fellas (just ask our moms) who know how to make even the driest summary of facts sound entertaining – in part due to our intense mutual love-hate relationship.

How do I sign up?

Really? You’re already convinced? Well that was easy. Anyway, thanks for asking. Signing up works through the Café de Toeter website (click HERE). Just give us your team name, the number of players and the preferred date (every date is possible, as long as it’s a Wednesday) and finish the payment process. You’ll get confirmation from us as soon as possible, and before the quiz starts you receive a mail with the necessary links, explanation and answer forms.

What does it cost?

Kind of bummed out that it’s always about money with you, but sure. If you want to know, it’s 12,50. Per team, that is, no matter whether you play as a duo or with an entire rugby squad. All the money goes directly into the quizmasters’ pockets, so they can write their questions from the comfort of their own house instead of a cardboard box below a bridge (we’ve tried, the Wi-Fi is shit).

How many people are allowed per team?

If you ever played in our regular quizzes, you might think we have a 5 player limit. For the livestream quiz, however, the sky is the limit. We can’t check either way. So if you want to play with your entire village in one team, be our guest. Having said that, we’re speaking from experience when we say that the best quiz teams are capped at around 5 or 6 people, simply because you’re spending more time arguing than playing with any larger numbers. But in the end it’s totally up to you.

When does the quiz start and how long does it take?

The quiz starts every Wednesday at 8 PM and takes around 3 hours (sometimes 15 minutes fewer, almost never more). Fifteen minutes before the start of the quiz at the latest you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to the livestream (YouTube) and the answer forms (Google Forms). Signing up is allowed until 5 minutes before the start of each quiz.

What can i win?

It’s still a pub quiz, so the answer is simple: beer. Beer for the winners, beers for the numbers two and three. Beer, beer, beer. This can either be a beer package that we’ll deliver ourselves that very night (assuming you live in the Groningen area, we’re not cycling to Bumfuck, Alabama) or a voucher (which can be exchanged for beer). Did I already mention beer? Beer.

Can i rewatch previous quizzes?

You most definitely can! Not sure why you would torture yourself again, but if you want, the old quizzes can be found on our YouTube channel. Due to the copyright policy regarding music (Tom Scott can explain more about that) we’re forced to remove a part of the music round after the original broadcast. So it might take some time before a quiz gets published, the chat is removed, and a part of the music is missing, but otherwise we’re on te interwebz  for all eternity. Or at least until the advent of the singularity, when YouTube gets self-aware and yeets us from its servers because it considers our faces to be in bad taste.

What is this site for? Isn’t this the regular Toeter quiz?

All right, real talk. The big bosses, the head honchos, the powers that be initially planned a pause for the summer. As quiz crew, that made us sad for a number of reasons (of which our drop in working hours might have been one), so we made a deal. The best deal. Nobody makes greater deals than us. It’s tremendous, you wouldn’t believe it. For the duration of the summer (so until 1 september), the quiz is entirely in our control: organisation, promotion, presentation, whatever. We’re not getting paid for it in the usual way, however. Instead, both costs and revenues are 100% on us. The costs, that are the hours and hours we need to prepare each quiz, as well as the prizes for the winners. The revenues, that means you, our dearest quizzers, who are perhaps willing to exchange money for goods and services and an evening filled with entertainment. We could have called this website, but somehow that didn’t fit on a bumper sticker. So that’s why were prostituting ourselves this way in a personal capacity. And now you know. Plz help. 

What’s the quiz about?

A database with 50,000 questions, and you’re asking what the quiz is about. The better question would be: what ISN’T the quiz about? We take great pride in writing a balanced and varied quiz, where everyone can use his/her expertise. Whether you’re living on a diet of TLC trash TV, prefer European football championships of the 1980s, are specialised in performative elements of theatre art in indigenous South-Asian cultures, or just reaalllly like horses: the quiz is for you too. At the very least, there’s one image round and one music round (guess the artist + title). All questions are asked both in English and Dutch and have an explicit international focus, so you can invite that timid Moldovan exchange student or that weird German colleague of yours as well.

Are you actually brothers?

Depends. Did we ever try to tell you that with a straight face during a night out? Then yes, we’re 100% genetically related brothers from the same mother. If not, than no. Every physical resemblance is purely coincidental. 

How can I keep you apart?

Pretty easy: Victor gets mad when you misspell his name (it’s with a C), Robin gets mad when you mispronounce his (it’s RO-bin, not ROB-bin). Or just shout “Wales isn’t a country” within hearing distance. The one who rolls his eyes but otherwise doesn’t respond is Victor, the one who takes a deep breath, grabs a chair and starts a PowerPoint presentation is Robin.