For over 15 years, Café de Toeter at the Turfsingel in Groningen has been the pub for the biggest and bestest pub quizzes in the Netherlands. Well, the Northern Netherlands at least. Let’s say, above the line Alkmaar – Zwolle – Novosibirsk. After the coronavirus spoiled all the fun by closing our doors, we’ve been hacking our way through the quantum mainframe of the blockchain portal like a bunch of cyberwizzkidz, with a shiny new weekly livestream pub quiz as the result. Same structure, same intriguing questions, but for now online from our studio instead of with a microphone behind the bar.

The pub has reopened, but unfortunately doesn’t have enough space to host the quiz the usual way. Nonetheless, don’t let that stop you to grace De Toeter and its terrace with waterside view with your presence. We’ve got hundreds of craft beers and whiskys with your name on it, and above all: you can play the quiz live in our pub as well, with a projector and a livestream.