Victor and Robin, the trizygotic twins where it’s yet to be decided who actually had the oxygen deficiencey at birth. Two lads with a surplus of spare time and useless trivia knowledge, but a severe lack of recognition and self-respect. For years, they’ve managed to let people sweat and moan for evenings on ends (no, not like that) from their comfortable position as pretentious knowitalls. Previoysly live from the Café de Toeter in the Dutch city of Groningen, but now coming to you live and corona-proof through their weekly livestream. So grab a beer, a decent chair, a laptop or tablet, and some friends (if you have them), and let’s do this! LEES MEER


Every Wednesday night at 8 PM CEST  we’ll quiz you till kingdom come, live from our professional (albeit slightly hot) streaming studio. The quiz takes around 3 hours, so that the early birds among you can safely head to bed around 11 PM. Signing up is possible until 5 minutes before the start of the quiz



We’ll lock ourselves up in our private little room above Café de Toeter at the Turfsingel 6 in Groningen (A++ location, you can see our famed Martini Tower from here). As a player, you can participate from every imaginable location as long as it has decent wifi, whether it’s in Amsterdam or American Samoa. Should you be in the neighbourhood, it’s possible to play in Café de Toeter as well. Just click that option on the form or send us a message, and we’ll take care of a VIP spot in the pub, with a great view of the livestream on our projector. Autographs not includedLEES MEER 

Because we’re good at what we do, dammit. We’ve got a wealth of experience in pretending we’re professional quiz masters, we know how to run a tight ship, and we write quizzes that are accessible to anyone no matter your area of expertise. An evening with this dynamic duo is an unforgettable experience for all (ourselves emphatically included). Also because we’re too lazy to find a proper summer job. That tooLEES MEER